why drip irrigation

Water scarcity is a growing phenomenon which many countries around the world are dealing with. Since most of the water consumption is dedicated to agriculture and cultivation, new methods of irrigation are everyone’s main concern. One of the most efficient ones is drip irrigation which we’re going to discuss further.

What is drip irrigation system ?

Drip irrigation is sort of a micro-irrigation which allows water to flow gently to plant roots . it can be installed above the soil surface or below the surface. Applying water directly to the root zone is what increases the potential of conserving water as it reduces evaporation. Water is distributed by drip irrigation system of emitters, pipes, valves and tapes. This method of irrigation can be used for personal gardens to huge farmlands.

drip irrigation

drip irrigation

How does it work ?

By having a drip irrigation system installed on your land, water and nutrients are distributed across the field. Water and fertilizer are applied uniformly and directly to the root zones of all the plants in your field by means of the drops that each dripper generates.

Why do farmers prefer drip irrigation ?

In addition to providing a higher return on investment (ROI) than other irrigation techniques, drip irrigation also offers farmers a quick and easy way to manage their fields. While using drip irrigation, farmers may be sure of:
higher, more reliable yields of quality
Significant water savings because there is no evaporation, runoff, or waste.
It uses less energy when the water pressure is low.
crop protection and fertilizer use that is effective and does not cause leaching
less reliance on the weather, more consistency, and reduced dangers

drip irrigation

Tarom Plast is one of the greatest brands in Iran that has helped many farmers with this kind of irrigation system and can provide many various range of related products such as PE pipes (16-32), drip irrigation tape (flat emitter), single blade labyrinth irrigation tape, PE lay flat, etc.

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