Single blade labyrinth Drip irrigation tape


The ability to automate the irrigation system (intelligent control)

Distributing water and fertilizer in the right amount and time, thus saving water consumption (energy saving)

Cost reduction and less need for manpower

Improving product quality and customer satisfaction (improve plant growth)

Adaptable and versatile (No need to level the ground, used in Gardens, vineyards, greenhouses and row crops.)

Destruction of weeds and reduction of plant pests and diseases (Prevents overwatering, Results in less weeding)


Preventing algae and mineral deposits from sticking due to its material


Drip irrigation is used on farms both large and small, in vineyards, home gardens and nurseries as well as urban balconies, rooftops and decks all over the world.

Irrigation of agriculture fields such as

Corn, cotton, Grapery, peanut and wheat, etc.

All kinds of vegetables including: watermelon, melon, Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggplant, etc.

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Water is not scarce with Tarom Plast…

Tarom Plast is a group in the field of producing plastic products, and specialized in the field of agricultural pipes and water transmission, which started its activity in 1992 under the supervision of Keshavarz engineering and machine building group.

Ways of communication:

Address: Tehran-Qom highway, 5 km after Imam shrine, Hasanabad entrance, Shamsabad industrial town, Bostan boulevard, 17 Golban street, No. 15, Tarem Plast plastic factory
Phone: +982156236214
Fax: +982156236828

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Tarom Plast :

Tarom Plast is the only irrigation tape production group in Iran that produces all sizes of irrigation tapes from 10 to 60 cm and also with a wide range of irrigations. This collection has water and soil certification and always strives to maintain quality.

This post is also available in: Persian